How to determine your ring size?

Amazing way to secretly plan a classic gift for your beloved one, without revealing the plan and smartly picking up the perfect ring of your choice. We are happy to help you get a gift to adore.


The Secret Test

STEP 1- Print our size chart of ring size circles.
STEP 2- Pick up a ring that you loved one currently wears.
STEP 3- Be sure that the ring that your loved one is of the same finger for which you are ready to determine the size
STEP 4- Now, simply place the ring on top of each circle until you find a perfect match.
STEP 5- Ensure that the match should perfect fit the inner side of the ring
STEP 6- Kindly double check to confirm the accuracy.If the ring size falls between two different sizes then order the larger size.

The String Test

STEP 1- Cut a small piece of non stretchable string, thread or ribbon from a spool.
STEP 2- Wrap the piece of string snugly around your finger for an accurate measurement.
STEP 3- Determine and compare your measurement with that of our sizing chart.
STEP 4- Do not wrap the string too tightly. Aim for a comfortable , snug fit. Remember you select the ring according to the size determined here
STEP 5- For the better accuracy, Kindly get help from someone to measure
STEP 6- Ensure that you double check the accuracy, before you place an order.


STEP 1- Cut along the outline of the sizer carefully & make a slit on the left side of the sizer.
STEP 2- Wrap the sizer on the aimed finger & ensure the numbers are facing out.
STEP 3- Slide the pointed end of the sizer into the slit.
STEP 4- Move the sizer to the broader part of the finger or knuckle.
STEP 5- Pull the sizer tightly to get an accurate size.
STEP 6- The number visible at the slit represents the size of the finger.