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 Maang Tikka is one of the finest Indian traditional jewellery which is valued a lot at traditional social occasions. No attire of the bride is complete with a piece of Diamond Studded Maang Tikka covering the forehead elegantly. It is one of the most embraced jewellery amongst the Indian women. It has its own importance in providing a traditional yet classy touch to the attire. Since it is on the forehead, it gets most attention than any other jewellery.

Maang Tikka is a must for every social gathering where traditional dressing is going to speak the volumes. Diamond Studded Maang Tikka is in the heavy trend these days. A skillfully designed jewellery will be able to add more attention to your persona. From, you can select from a collection of trendy designs which will help you to complete your traditional attire with the touch you want. displays the best & elegant design to help you get the irresistible design that will make you want them all. You can browse them on the website and can book them with just a few clicks. You will love the effortless experience that we provide to jewellery shoppers. The magnificent collection of the jewellery will take you on a shopping spree. You can own your favourite Diamond Maang Tikka right away. The jewellery will be delivered to your doorstep within few days with the kind of care a precious stone deserves. Single Stone Diamond Studded on Maang Tikka is on the top of the trend displays various authentic jewellery from big brands like Asmi, Viola and many others. Special attention is given to craftsmanship and the material used for the manufacturing of your beloved jewellery. We provide the total surety about the purity of the jewellery. provides heavy discounts on the vast collection of the jewellery. The magnificent jewellery sold on the website will help you to keep your fashion in trend always.